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Cleansing Grains perfect for oily skin

facial wash in amber glass jar
Gently foaming and exfoliating clay wash


Introducing the latest addition to the Valley Mist plastic free skincare range, the gently foaming and exfoliating clay wash CLEANSING GRAINS.

Valley Mist gently foaming cleansing grains

Love love love our newest creation, these cleansing grains leave skin feeling super soft and deeply clean. Gentle to the skin, this foaming wash is the go to must have for clogged skin, whether it be general air pollution, heavy makeup or simply dusty environment the subtly exfoliating wash will leave your feeling fresh and clean.

You can see the grains in action on our you tube channel, it’s a quick video….really quick but you’ll get the idea of how it looks and works.

Combat acne

Sallic Acid to combat breakouts and clean away blocked pores and is a recognised active ingredient to clear oily, acne prone skin.

Uplifting lemongrass essential oil. Anti bacterial, anti fungal and best of all anti inflammatory

Clay to draw away grease and pollutants.
Coconut milk to condition and moisturise.
Sallic Acid to help prevent blackheads and unclog pores.
Vitamin-B rich D-Panthenol to reduce redness and inflammation; this key ingredient offers skin loving vitamin-B5, pantothenic acid which is metabolised by the skin for new cell growth.
Lemongrass essential oil to cleanse and refresh. Red Mandarin essential oil to lift and invigorate your mood.

Now available on the website and a number of our stockists

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