Refillable Deodorants

Refillable natural deodorants are becoming more and more popular as people become more conscious of the environmental impact of producing and utilising so much single-use plastic, as well as some of the ingredients that are included in standard commercial deodorants.

Wild natural deodrants with aluminium case that will last you a lifetime.
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Refillable Natural Deodorants

Wild’s refillable natural deodorants that we stock here at Valley Mist are not only better for the environment because of their natural ingredients but also because they produce virtually no waste. The deodorant starter packs come with a reusable (and very pretty!) case, of which you can choose your preferred colour, and then all of the refills are packaged in entirely biodegradable packaging, so that as little waste is produced as possible. Additionally, the perks of choosing a refillable deodorant means that you are free to change your scent as often as you like! 

Furthermore, Wild’s refillable natural deodorants also contain no parabens or aluminium, making them far better for your underarms than many commercial deodorants, as well as better for the planet. 

Natural Deodorants That Work!

We know that natural deodorants have a reputation for not being as effective as their non-natural, commercial counterparts, but Wild’s refillable natural deodorants have been rigorously tested with thousands of positive reviews, so you can rest assured knowing that your underarms are in good hands with this natural and effective deodorant.

Plastic Free Packaging

When you order your Wild deodorant from the Valley Mist website it will be delivered to you in Valley Mist’s 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and often reused packaging, ensuring that your package gets to you the most environmentally friendly way possible. With this combination of environmentally-friendly, effective, aesthetically-pleasing, and pleasant-smelling factors, you’ll never feel the need to turn away from natural refillable deodorants again.