The Wheat Bag Company

The Weatbag Company LogoThe Wheat Bag Company is a Wiltshire-based company that designs a whole range of products, that are all then handmade in the UK. They have a wide range of delightful designs to suit every taste – many of the fabrics are also unique as they are designed in-house! Our favourite of their products is the lavender wheat bag that you’ll find we stock below. It’s a perfect natural alternative to help soothe a wide range of aches and pains or simply relax you after a stressful day. They’re also a great natural, plastic-free alternative to hot water bottles on those cold winter nights too! Filled with English wheat and English lavender buds they release wonderful stress-relieving notes of lavender whilst warming you up. As well as being plastic-free they are also vegan and cruelty-free making them the perfect gift for vegans and the eco-conscious.

All of our own products at Valley Mist are also plastic-free and we have a large vegan range, so why not piece together a care package for your loved one, full of wonderful treats from the rest of our range to help make their day?

Whenever you order from the Valley Mist website all of your products will also be delivered to you in plastic-free and recyclable or biodegradable packaging making sure the planet stays at the top of our priorities.

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