Valley Mist Bedtime Beauty Kit

Start your beauty regime before bed with the Valley Mist Bedtime Beauty Kit.

When we sleep our bodies regenerate, fix and prepare us for the next day, making bedtime the perfect moment to indulge in your beauty routine.


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The Valley Mist Bedtime Beauty Kit

It can be difficult to find a sustainable and environmentally friendly gift for a loved one, so we have put together a great collection of  Valley Mist goodies to help with just that search.

These products are vegan friendly too! Inside the Valley Mist Bedtime Beauty Kit you will find:

  • 7 reusable facial wipes for use instead of cotton wool; just pop them in the wash and use over and over again.
  • Our 100ml best selling 2 in 1 moisturising and cleansing cream.
  • A personal favorite of Jo, this oil is fantastic for dry maturing skin and for those wanting to preserve and maintain a healthy glow. Six cold pressed and infused oils make up the foundation base of this blend. Use as part of your bedtime routine to condition your skin.

Key Steps to using the Valley Mist Bedtime Beauty Kit

With clean hands take a generous thumb sized amount of the 2 in 1 cleansing and moisturising cream and gently cover face and neck. This cream can also be used as a moisturiser but for this routine Jo recommends using the cream as a cleanser and make up remover at this stage.

Using a Valley Mist washable facial wipe remove the excess cream. Do you live in a high air pollution area?  If so we suggest you repeat this last process. Using a warm damp face cloth gently exfoliate the face and neck to remove dead skin cells. This warmth opens and prepares skin for the oil treatment.

Fix loose hair away from face and neck and apply a small amount of Valley Mist facial oil to the finger tips and gently massage into skin in upward and circular motions. Repeat this process once the first application of oil has started to be absorbed. To finish in luxury if required, apply a small amount of 2 in 1 cream to aid and seal in the Valley Mist facial oil.