Valley Mist skincare for oily skin with lemongrass

Our handmade products for the foundation of your skincare routine.

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Oily Skin

It’s easy to think that if you one of the many people with an oily skin type you should not use oil rich products but isn’t always the case. What is important is to have a regular skincare routine and ensure pores remain unclogged. We are delighted to be able to offer this skincare gift box that will be well suited to you.

This great value gift box for oily skin types

The gift box can be used over and over again, sturdy wall Kraft card walls and magnetic closure to keep neat and tidy contains:

  • One 200ml micellar water and toner
  • 30ml 2 in 1 moisturising and make up remover cream, can be used exclusively as a moisturiser.
  • Reuseable facil wipes, use as cotton wool pads but wash and reuse over and over again.
  • Gentle exfoliating facial wash with salicylic acid.
  • One large Suzanne Kate hand screen printed wash bag, colours may vary.

Upgrade your selection in the exfoliating gift box and add further products.


Making sure your skin is ready to receive the products you choose for your skincare practise is so important.  There’s no point skin adding your carefully chosen products on top of a layer of skin that will receive no benefit. Much like painting over rust, there’s just no point. Removal of dry and dead skin cells has to be the first step in any skincare routine. It can also become a beautifully nurturing part of your day or week to enjoy and re energise in some selfcare.


Our Valley Mist Cleasnsing Grains are a gentle but effective way to deep down cleanse your skin and unblock pores without aggresivley stripping away proctive barrieries. Using mild foaming ingredients and grease cutting salici acid your skin will feel refreshed, soft to the touch and most importanatly clean. Read more about this product here.


Gentle to delicate skin but antibacterial and astringent cleansing tea tree floral waters. Effective removal of excessive oil without stripping away all natural sebum form the face. Well suited to oily and spot prone skin but all skin types.  A multi function product to hydrate and cleanse leaving a soft and refreshed feeling . A safe leave on product. Works well before moisturising applications


Vegan 2 in 1 Blemish Defence Cream is packaged in a reusable and recyclable 100ml aluminum tin. This deeply nourishing moisturising cream promotes soft hydrated skin, it is gentle and kind to skin whilst still effective at removing makeup and surface pollution. Your delicate skin pH balance is maintained leaving the acidic barrier protecting your skin intact. The cream at its foundation is primarily water and oil, essential for skin cleaning. Within this collection use as moisturiser.

Screen printed Suzanne Kate makeup bag

Textile designer and maker from out local area. Supporting other artiasnas .



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