We are not doing BLACK FRIDAY

Black Friday went absolutely crazy some years ago, people went beyond what is acceptable behavior just to get a few notes off some over priced goods. Black Friday is no longer a day its a week and it’s just not our bag. For the next three weeks we are including surprise free gifts with all […]

Italian appreciation for Valley Mist….ditching single use plastic lip balm.

plastic free lip balm featured in green beauty article

Once again I am delighted to see Valley Mist featured in another reputable on line magazine, this time it’s love from Italy. Huge thank you to Alice Capiaghi for the mention in her green beauty article. Thanks for the love Alice. The Citrus and Happy lip balm is part of the original four lip balms […]

Recycled candles.

zero waste living. recycled candle

Recycled aromatherapy candles made using the waste oils, butter and waxes from the cosmetic production process. It is with a huge amount of satisfaction that I share this post with you. We launched these awesome recycled aromatherapy candles in September 2019 but I’ve taken some time to see how you’ve been liking them before sharing […]

The Valley Mist Restore lip balm plastic free wholesale

Restore zero waste lip balm

Ready for shipping The brilliant original Restore lip balm is back on the shelves. BIG, BEAUTIFUL & BACK IN STOCK! Our super popular original Restore lip balms are again available for direct sales and plastic free wholesale. Most of the lip balms pictured above are pre order for wholesale but I have saved a number […]

How to use your Valley Mist biodegradable lip balm

plastic free lip balm, plastic free, push up lip blmic free wholesale

The vegan lip balm blends contain a huge percentage of organic cocoa seed butter, and so are particularly sensitive to temperature and need some extra tender loving care and patience …. but they are worth it! Steps: How to use Valley Mist lip balm. Remove the lid so you can see the lip balm. Holding […]

10 Benefits to enjoy when you grow your herbal tea

fresh and natural herbal tea at Valley Mist HQ

If you follow us on instagram or Facebook @myvalleymistsmile you’ll have seen that herbal tea is our go to for hydration. On our social media platforms we like to share more than skincare solutions and tips. Often we’ll be encouraging you to grow your herbal tea and suggest good seasonal combinations that work well. Handmade […]

Valley Mist Vegan Lip Balms are here

Valley Mist Vegan Lip Balms

Valley Mist vegan lip balm Over a year to develop with so many delays and an endless list of problems the Valley Mist vegan lip balms are finished and ready for sale. You can see some beautiful images of our new packaging over on instagram @myvalleymistsmile More difficult than I hoped It turns out making […]

Biodegradable lip balm dispensers. Part 2.

Biodegradable lip balm tube from Valley Mist skincare and wellness

Our zero waste lip balm tube has decomposed as promised. If you are reading this blog about our biodegradable lip balm dispenser, then chances are you are pretty passionate about the preservation of our environment and sustainable living. Me too! Time is precious, so I will get straight to it. You will be pleased to […]


You may have seen Valley Mist supporting Plastic Free July! You may not have known it, but it’s Plastic Free July!  The idea is to avoid buying single use plastics over the month of July, it’s a fab initiative and we were pleased as punch to support the cause.  The movement first started in Australia […]

Organic Beeswax in Valley Mist Lip Balm

Why we use organic beeswax in our lip balm? There are a handful of reasons why Valley Mist lip balm came to be (pun intended), one of them being the desire to make use of the excess organic beeswax from the hive we had nestled on our Lancashire hillside. Organic Beeswax As beekeepers ourselves we […]

Kickstarter project

Wholesale POS Lip Balm Display

Out of hibernation and into the light. My new business fledged just weeks before Christmas in 2016. With a small recovery space to get over the trials of a business launch, re-energised and ready for the next big step, I came out of hibernation and into the light with the Kickstarter promotion.  The huge expense […]

Biodegradable lip balm dispensers

Biodegradable lip balm tube from Valley Mist skincare and wellness

Valley Mist on sustainable living Sustainable living is the dream goal, and it’s up there as being of paramount importance to us and hopefully it is to you too.  There is a movement of change in the air to reduce the amount of plastics used in our every day lives. From coffee cups to cotton […]

Why lip balm?

This is me

British Made Natural Lip Balm I have been making my own natural skincare products for many years with varying levels of success but the decision to launch Valley Mist lip balms was one borne of necessity. I’ve always had problems with my skin in the winter months especially with dry skin and cracked lips and […]