By Jo Holden 09 Sep, 2017
If you are reading this blog about our biodegradable lip balm dispenser, then chances are you are pretty passionate about the preservation of our environment and sustainable living. Me too!   Time is precious, so I will get straight to it. You will be pleased to hear:
By Jo Holden 18 Jul, 2017
You may not have known it, but it's Plastic Free July!  The idea is to avoid buying single use plastics over the month of July, it's a fab initiative and we were pleased as punch to support the cause.  The movement first started in Australia in 2011 and has grown year on year in it's presence and popularity.  For most of us it is a big ask, but if it makes us stop and consider really how much single use plastic we actually use on a daily basis then it's a good starting point for awareness on the subject. 
By Jo Holden 12 May, 2017
So happy to be sharing the love and giving away six of our amazing Valley Mist lip balms.  It's a tough business to be in especially when working full time elsewhere but I'm excited to be on this lip balm adventure.  So much is bubbling away behind the scenes, and I look forward to sharing more exciting news about Valley Mist...Where you might find us in the near future. If only you could see my giddy and happy face while blather away writing this post
By Jo Holden 18 Apr, 2017
There are a handful of reasons why Valley Mist lip balm came to be, one of them being the desire to make use of the excess beeswax from the hive we had nestled on the Lancashire hillside mentioned on our home page  and the comb featured above comes from our top-bar hive. Sadly these bees never made it through a particularly cold winter as the swarm was small and late and just didn't build up enough make it through the long wet months. They left us a hive of empty honeycomb and it seemed so sad to leave it to waste and this is where Valley Mist's lip balm creations were seeded.  Unfortunately the cost of having the wax tested and certified was too much of a financial stretch for our small business and we had to seek an organic beeswax retailer as an alternative.
By Jo Holden 01 Apr, 2017
My new business fledged just weeks before Christmas in 2016. With a small recovery space to get over the trials of a business launch, re-energised and ready for the next big step, I came out of hibernation and into the light with the Kickstarter promotion.  The huge expense of setting up Valley Mist lip balms was starting to pinch and I was keen to promote Valley Mist as a brand, introduce myself and form a relationship with future customers. The retail display box was a worthy candidate for just such a promotion. It's true to describe the experience as coming into the light; by this I mean I have literally put my face to my product. In the age of selfies, for some people this might not be a big deal but I have always found comfort behind a camera rather than in front of it! 

By Jo Holden 30 Jan, 2017

Sustainable living is a dream goal, it's up there as being of paramount importance to us and hopefully it is to you too.  There is a movement of change in the air to reduce the amount of plastics used in our every day lives, from coffee cups to cotton buds and we'd like to be part of it and contribute by offering biodegradable lip balm dispensers as an everyday option.


We have put our money where our mouth is and have invested in biodegradable packaging to push forward with this movement and help reduce plastic packaging.

By Jo Holden 05 Jan, 2017

I have been making my own natural skincare products for many years with varying levels of success but the decision to launch Valley Mist with a lip balm product was one borne of necessity. I've always had problems with my skin in the winter months especially with dry skin and cracked lips and often found myself without a lip balm. I would end up buying three of four lip balms every year to make sure I was never without one. This process left me fed-up with the choices available in the shops and I found that most of the lip balms were made from petroleum products even when they claimed to be natural. So frustrating. I didn't want to put that waste product on my skin, never mind into my food chain! Looking at the genuine natural lip balms also left me fed up as I thought it was a shame there were none or very few British companies represented in the choices that were laid out in front of me.


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